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Eol Tour : Not A Good Experience For Me

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Posted 03 January 2009 - 04:46 PM

Hi .... I had taken this tour this December ( 25th Dec - 01 Jan ).
Mainly my plan was Cairo + White Desert.

I am explaining my reasons here:

But firstly , I will like to thanks Ahmed Tour Operator for
* Returning my money instantly.
* Helping in hotel booking.
* Being Supportive even after breaking up with EOL.

The Reason of Breaking up with EOL

I was very clear from the beginning of my Booking with Jimmy that I am interested in Private tour only.
He assured me the same. I had asked him what kind of vehicle he would provide me ? He replied a 9 -sitter
vehicle. I was bit surprised .... why 9 sitter for 2 , so I reassured by asking Jimmy again. He re-assured us .... here
is what he wrote in e.mail ------->

We to Jimmy >
Hello Jimmy,
Please clarify do we share the 9 sitter AC van with other tourist.
Thanking you.

Jimmy to us >
Hello Meghna,
All van for you only but itís smallest size we have.
You are welcome.


On 26th morning when our Guide came to pick us up , just before boarding the Van the Guide told us we have share the Van with 5 other people.

I stepped back. Its not the deal we paid for. I called Ahmed. He apologized for it and told me it will not happen tomorrow. But something was fishy. Ahmed told me if now I want a private tour I have to wait in my Hotel room till he can arrange something. I thought of calling Jimmy. Jimmy had a bit different approach. He told me "I cannot arrange 100 vans for 100 Customers. It is a high season and sometimes it is like that". I told him "Give me back my money".

For all who are reading this also note Jimmy is not new in business. He knows December is high season. He cannot provide 100 vehicles. But do you find something like this in his reply to me.

I met another Indian couple who were also told for a private tour and put in a group. Its clear that this company fish for customer with false promises.

I could not move forward with EOL anymore. I stepped back.

The refund made to me by EOL
I had paid EOL a total of 790 Euros ( 1010 $ app ).
EOL returned me 590 $. ( I kept the hotel booking for 6 days in Delta Pyramid ).

EOL told me it is 60 $ /PD for Delta Pyramid => 6 * 60 = 360 $
And I had an airport pickup.

Check on internet you can book delta pyramid for 45 $. A much better price than EOL.
Also, in the beginning my booking was for 4 days and due to flight schedule I had to book
2 days more in this hotel for which Delta Pyramid charged 80$.
It seems 40$ might be the travel agency rate for hotel ( tough I have no proof ).

But I know with common sense that if I can book in 45 $ from internet why EOL will not use internet
if it is not cheaper for them.

On my insisting for more refund, I was told EOL has to bear the cancellation fees also 150 $ for Oasis trip.

Cancellation fee ??? I should pay that when EOL lied to me about my trip :rolleyes:

By this time I was told by the Guide and Driver that I have two options , either I take 590 $ and sign a paper for canceling the trip or wait for Ahmed till evening.

To wait for Ahmed till evening .... and what should I do till evening ??? So I accepted the 590 and signed a paper saying that I cancelled the trip.

My experience with EOL is that if you have some specific needs it is not a company to look for. But if you can be
with a group of 9 ( as it seems they have 9 sitters ) then I think EOL may not that bad.

But what hurts me most is that EOL made false promises to get us into it. If EOL would had be clean and clear from day 1 , I would have gone for another tour agency.
Also, they refund was less for me.

Role of Delta Pyramid in this episode
When my negotiation for refund money with EOL was going on and I was insisting for more money, I wanted the telephone number of "Tourist Police". I went to desk of the Hotel to get the number of Tourist Police, and you know
what they answered to me ?

Mr. Alfred ( Delta Pyramid Staff - Reception ) : "Why do you need the number ?"
Me: " I have a problem with tour agency ,I need to know the number ... it can be a help later"
Mr. Alfred ( Delta Pyramid Staff - Reception ) : "Sorry Sir ! We don't have the number"
Me: "You don't have the number ?? But I know govt. has Tourist Police to help tourists. Where can I get them?"
Mr. Alfred ( Delta Pyramid Staff - Reception ) : "Take a taxi to Pyramid Road and you will find booth there..."

They knew something was going on between me and EOL , and he wanted to support EOL. I think I don't have to super intelligent to understand the linking between the Hotel and EOL.

And you know what !!!! Next day I came to know every hotel has a tourist police just outside the hotel
to help tourist. Just imagine the audacity of Mr.Alfred and other staffs to tell me I have to go to Pyramid Road
with a taxi to find Tourist Police.

It seems Hotel business strongly depends on Touring Companies , they will never do anything against them. I saw and felt this myself.

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