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  Posted 01 April 2008 - 02:09 AM

Hello my name is Valerie and I have just returned home to Canada from a wonderful trip in Egypt. Family and Friends often ask me "why Egypt" and I can only answer "why not". It's truly an awesome place with such history why wouldn't anyone want to visit it. When I first started the planning process for my trip I thought I would just book hotels from the Internet and then take day trips offered by the hotels. Never being to this part of the world I started questioning myself do I really know where to book, what area of a city should I be looking at, and most importantly am I getting exactly what is being offered.
It was then suggested to go with a Tour Company. My traveling companions were not thrilled with this because they did not want to be herded here and there with a bus load of other tourists. I went to work looking for the perfect vacation. I hit on the Egyptian Governement Tourism site where I could fill out a form and get mass e-mails from tour companies . This is an excellent idea because 1) If the governement lists these companies then they must be legit and 2) I won't have to go looking for companies and on the internet there are so many companies, good and bad. This was the route I took. I filled out the form and immediately e-mails started coming in. When reading the responses I found that alot of the companies did not look at what I was asking for and just sent me a reply to visit their website. Second, companies who did put together a quick itinerary did not pay much attention to what I asked for because they included things I specifically requested not to be included . But there was one company that responded right away, had listed everything I wanted, listed none of the areas that I specifically stated I was not interested in BUT did add suggestions. This company was Wedjat Tours and they immediately caught my attention. From that day forward I used the Wedjat itenerary as a comparison to all other offers that came in and in the end Wedjat Tours impressed me the most. They weren't the cheapest or the most expensive but there was just something in the tone of communication with this company that made me feel very at ease doing business with them. I also did extensive research and found absolutely nothing listed anywhere about this company that was negative. Wedjat went out of their way to address all of my concerns and planned the perfect trip for us. My traveling companions were even more impressed when I told them that we would be traveling with our own private driver in an air-conditioned van plus have our own private Egyptologist. They were delighted and it turned out to be the best option for us. From the minute we entered the country, a Wedjat employee was there to meet us and to take care of us. Hotels accommodations were excellent, far better than anything I would have booked on my own. A company representative met us at our hotel and was more than willing to make adjustment as necessary since we threw them a curve and we arrived a day early. Wedjat employees were always very professional, helpful, accommodating and went out their way to ensure that absolutely everything about our trip was perfect from start to finish. I would like also to add that Wedjat employees went above and beyond what was expected of them when a health issue arose for someone in my party. I will always be extremely grateful to them for that. There is not enough I can say about this company. From entering into the country to helping us leave the country, it was always a smooth and stress free transition. My advice to anyone thinking of visiting Egypt, do it and book with Wedjat Tours. You won't be disappointed.

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