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King Tut

#1 Guest_egyptgirl_*

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  Posted 26 July 2006 - 08:37 PM

[size=7]I like haer more about king tut

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Posted 09 August 2006 - 09:19 PM

hi egyptgirl

iam a new here iam a guide here in egypt(cairo)

i read many topics for u and u so intersted in egyptology,what is ur study?

anyway u want to know more about king tut

i will tell u general information about him...............

King tut-ankh-amun was the son of king akhanaton from 19 dyansty,Akhanaton married queen nefertity and have 6 daughters from her,so he wanted a male-heir to take the throne after him,cause of that he marraid another woman and she born to him king tut.

Akhanaton made a religion revoltion and refused to worshipped god amon and made a new god called god aten he refer to him by the sun-rays

he called his son first (tut-ankh-aton)which mean the living image of god aten
but after his death king tut changed his name back to (tut-ankh-amon)mean the living image of god amon to avoid the persecution of the priests of amon

king tut conisder to be the youngest king who ruled egypt,he took the throne when he was 9 years old and died when he was 19 years old only 10 years!!!!!some opinion said that may be he was murder

he didnot do anything important to egypt he wasnot a great king or miltiary king
only the discover of his tomb gave him this fame
cause his tomb was the alomst complete tomb we found till now

it was discoverd by haward carter in november in 1922

that is a short information if u need more tell me

(under update)

#3 Guest_TheBasicz_*

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 10:36 PM

About king Tutankhamun (King Tut)
I have very little knowledge bout
himand everything, but did they remove
him from his casket, also the famous
mask, was that really on his head when
he was barried. I know it's probably all
common sense, but i have no

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